Wednesday, March 02, 2005

US S CT hears Kelo case - coverage/commentary

Last week, the big news was the US Supremes hearing argument in Kelo, the case involving the scope of "public use" in compensated takings - that is, whether local governments can simply take unblighted land from one private owner to then convey it to another private landowner. I've included some links below to briefs, news, commentaries and amicus below.

Links to the briefs (parties - some amicus available below)


Legal Times report from

Supporters of the Kelos:
Institute for Justice’s site

Cato Institute and Richard Epstein – amicus brief

A conservative but academic blog:

Reason mag site (extreme libertarians)

Supporters of the City:
American Planning Association page and link to amicus brief:

Legal Times editorial by amicus author for Community Rights Council

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