Sunday, July 01, 2007

Annexation not Compact, but What About Standing?

In City of Center Hill v McBride, et al, the 5th District upheld a circuit court's quashal of an annexation ordiance on certioriari review (I know, should be illegal but it isn't), based on agreeing with the city that the annexed lands (to be used for a limerock mine) were not sufficiently compact (described by the challengers as a "ballooon on a string").

My question is how these unincorporated residents met the requirement of the statute that requires a demonstration of material injury.

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  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Robert - The 5th DCA erred in stating that the challengers/Respondents are residents of unincorporated Sumter County. Respondent Sanders is a city resident and property owner. The circuit court's opinion, which invalidated the annexation, rezoning, and conditional use permit for the limerock mine, is located at 13 Fla. L. Weekly Supp. 1035a.

    - Brent Spain