Sunday, May 08, 2011

Irony - Legislature Passes Unnecessary "Savings Bill"

On April 27, the Governor signed Chapter 2011-14, effective immediately.  That bill was almost entirely directed at saving the 2009 amendments to the GMA, which had been invalidated for imposing a mandate to amend plans on local governments.  Here's a link to the Chapter law.     On May 2d, the 1st DCA overturned the circuit court decision invalidating the 2009 Legislation -  here's the link.    The court's ruling was based on its determination that the Plaintiffs named the wrong defendants and failed to name the correct defendant - the state land planning agency.   Irony, indeed.

I believe that any issues from the 2009 legislation not dealt with in the "savings bill" have been addressed in the later growth management act amendments.

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