Sunday, May 07, 2006

3d Reverses its position in Turnberry case

I wrote awhile back about a 3d DCA opinion holding that a particular commercial use wasn't permitted by the Turnberry Isle zoning. Here's a twist:

On rehearing, the court substituted a new opinion, here's the link, that found that the City of Aventura's determination that the use was a vested non-conforming use was reasonable, and therefore due deference. It therefore 'unquashed' the circuit court decision, upholding it instead.

On one hand, this seems a reasonable and fair outcome. On the other, both neighbors and developers live and die by the same sword when it comes to local discretion. I firmly believe that local interpretation should be striclty constructed and reviewed by courts, using the legal rules of statutory construction, for the simple reason that local agencies don't always follow those principles in construing local codes.

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