Sunday, May 07, 2006

Session 5 - DRI and other changes

OK, a very long and complicated growth management bill with a number of changes to build-out and abandonment of DRIs passed. It also has some other "train" items in it. Time precludes a full analysis, but here's the text. This was House 683 - some other house bills on growth passed, as well as some Senate bills.

One of the more "interesting" provisions of this one limits exemption from Chapter 403 permitting of of docks in completely private waters to those of 1000 square feet or less. Another bill (won't cite it here) puts additional restrictions on the permitting of new dry storage racks. While on one hand the legislature and public cry about the loss of waterfront access and boating facilities. on the other they just increase the regulatory restrictions that apply to building new facilities. Great public policy.

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